June Family of the Month

Jun 6, 2019
Kiri Roeseler

Meet the Roeseler Family

There was never a doubt in my mind that I wanted to be a parent. From the moment that I was old enough to know what a baby was I knew I wanted one. Twelve years ago that wish came true and I became a mom for the first time. I didn’t just become any mom though, I became a CF Mom. I always knew that I wanted to deal with a baby crying all night and needing to be changed constantly. I knew that I would get peed on and puked on and that I would be exhausted and look like a disaster most days. I knew that I wanted to run around a park chasing a kid and I knew that some days I would want to pull my hair out and I would wonder… why did I ever want this… What I didn’t know was that all of that “normal” mom stuff would be overshadowed by learning how to administer pills to a three day old baby. I didn’t know that instead of singing and rocking my baby to sleep each night, I would be holding a mask over his face and calming him and doing CPT on his back to put him to sleep. I had no idea that every time I decided to feed my baby I would have to count every calorie and make sure that I administered enough enzymes that his body could digest all of his food. I had no idea that every time I changed his diaper I would have to be looking for signs that his enzymes weren’t working properly. I could have never imagined that instead of taking time off of work for family vacations, I would be taking my leave time to stay in the hospital with my baby while he was sick. And I definitely had NO idea that I would have two children fighting this battle before I was 25!

What I did know was that no matter what I would love my children more than anything and that has stood the test. I had no idea how strong of a mother I could be and I had no idea how strong of a husband I had by my side. We have managed to raise two of the strongest, most caring little boys I have ever met. I am so honored to be their mother and I am honored to share our story with you!
– Kiri Roeseler

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